GoRustico was born on a sunny afternoon in the region of Serta, central Portugal, during a casual meeting at a local café. We, the now directors of GoRustico, realised we had much in common, and a common dream: to create a human-scale, holistic, ethical and caring business offering a complete service to anyone wanting to move and start a new life in central Portugal.

Our Vision

Our own personal and professional background as estate agents, having lived, worked, travelled all over the world and studied abroad, in the UK, Holland, France and Portugal. Our international family and business ties and our personal experience of buying and renovating property in Portugal, have equipped us with a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a true understanding of what it takes to relocate abroad.

Indeed, our local knowledge and hands-on approach, linguistic expertise and willingness to make a difference in the life of those who wish to start a new life in central Portugal make us unique in our professional field.

Hence property sales are only a small part of what we do at GoRustico; we are a one-stop service for all property related and relocation matters in central Portugal!

 Our Mission

Our top objective as a company is to provide an outstanding level of service to our clients, making moving to Portugal an easy, seamless and pleasurable experience.

As a small, ethical business our strength and focus is on you, our customer. We strongly believe that business success is the natural consequence of excellence in customer care - our customers are the pivotal force at the centre of everything we do. New residents also bring a new lease of life to local communities in central Portugal, and help the development of the countryside and of new neighbourhoods. New friendships are forged. We believe that by helping you move and by making customers happy, we also provide a very important service to local communities.

At GoRustico we work together in an atmosphere of fun, respect, enthusiasm and fairness, always remaining close to our ideals and our values as a human-scale, holistic business.  

 Our Values




PROFESSIONALISM      ENTHUSIASM                     




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